Terena is such a pleasure to work with. Not only because of her great personality but because she gets it! She knows just how to perfectly match your make up to the occasion. Her ability to work with all different skin tones is impressive. There is nothing she can't do. All of my experiences with her have been superb, she's never let me down!

Camille Dundas
404 Media Group 

Publicity | Media Training | Web Design 

"Working with Terena always puts me at ease.  She is a very talented make-up artist, and I know I can always count on her to achieve the look I want.  Her professionalism and expertise are what set her apart from others in the industry." - Danila

Dear Terena, 

Thank you so much for doing my makeup for my shower and my wedding so beautifully!  Your artistry and technical skill were amazing! I really appreciated your understanding of different styles and your patience to let me try a "classic look" and a "dramatic look" (and I loved that you were able to create a look that merged the two together!).  Something I also really appreciated was your ability to ask the right questions to understand my vision even when I had difficulty knowing what I wanted!

I loved how professional and hygienic you were, and how professionally you answered my questions about how you clean your brushes!  It truly made me smile when the day before the wedding, you sent me a photo showing me your freshly cleaned brushes with the caption, "Ready for tomorrow". 

To any brides who might be considering hiring you:  Terena is an amazing makeup artist.  She's friendly, and will put you at ease the whole time you are working with her.  She uses top of the line products, is very hygienic, and very professional. I would highly recommend her!

Thank you for your beautiful work,