Not sure what to do to prep your skin for your big day? Read on for some guidance and suggestions to make sure you look fabulous!!



Look into starting a facial regime. Whether you have the budget to go for bi-weekly facials or want to do at home treatments, now is the time to start. Even if it's winter and your wedding is in the summer, many moisturizers and serums take at least 8 weeks to start seeing results. You want to make sure you don't have any reactions or issues with your treatment regime and this allows for ample time. Most programs involve cleansing, exfoliating, masks, serums, and moisturizers. 


Book your makeup trial. You and your makeup artist need to have time together to craft your perfect look. Doing this too close to the wedding just adds unnecessary stress and can cause your skin to freak out! It also allows for time to make any changes to your look.


Clean out your fridge and your eating! Make sure you are drinking lots and lots of water to keep your skin plump and hydrated. Eating fast food and junk will cause your skin to work harder to help your body remove toxins. Stick to fruits, veggies and lean meats. Superfoods like blackberries, avocado, kale, and quinoa help your skin stay elastic and radiant. Your figure will thank you too!!



Get any facial waxing or threading done at this time. Too close to the wedding day can have your upper lip or eyebrow area looking raw and red. I have seen brides get their waxing done the day before and they are missing a layer of skin around their eyebrows, resulting in makeup not sitting properly. I have also seen dermatitis and breakouts! Give your skin time to heal after these treatments. Your makeup artist can tweeze any strays or new growth that pops out.


Schedule extra sleep. Dark circles and lack of sleep can contribute to dry and crinkled texture underneath the eye. This is difficult to cover and product can make the area look worse. A little trick is to apply cooled tea bags to the eyes or cucumber slices. Totally cliche but they actually induce circulation around the eye area to freshen and hydrate. Even a little bit of coconut oil helps! If you can't get in a nap or a few extra hours at night, skip the caffeine. It does wonders for your energy but can dehydrate you very quickly.


Whiten your teeth. Pick up one of those kits from the drugstore or see your dentist. If you have any sensitivity or discomfort, you will have a few days to treat it. 


Had an unwelcome zit show up? Apply either a wee bit of toothpaste or baking soda before you get to bed. They have a drying action and both help to soothe redness so that the offender can be dealt with! Also use a wee bit of the baking soda mixed with some coconut oil to scrub your lips and get any dry skin off. The coconut oil tastes like vacation and the baking soda is gentle enough that it won't cause any irritation.


Congrats to all the brides celebrating this year!!! Please leave any comments below


All makeup in images provided by Terena Hyma Makeup Artistry 

All images courtesy of the incredibly talented Jenn Kavanagh. Click here to access her amazing work and to contact her for your events.

All hair in the images styled by award winning stylist Ladylyn Gool. For contact information and availability, please click here 

It snowed yesterday. Not full on make a snowman shovel your driveway snow, but enough to make one day brrrr and grab a scarf.  So why not touch on some fabulous finds for makeup for fall??  I'm sure it's been done before on other beauty blogs, but here's my spin!! 

I always get so inspired by the warmer colours of fall, the rusts, coppers and golds make me want to use it all over, but this fall the trends are going cooler. I guess they are matching the weather???  


 1. The grey smoky eye.  

Think of roasting marshmallows and the smell of campfire. Think of soft shimmers and lots of blending. That's the inspiration I'm getting from this trend. Try to keep your tones cool. Slate, charcoal, steely shades of eyeshadow are key. Black eyeliner and mascara are a must!! 

This is a great trend if you're looking to take your daytime makeup to something a little more dramatic for night time events. Sweeping some aluminum shadow all over the lid and through the crease will do it!! 



2. Bold beautiful brows.  


NOT Instagram eyebrows. I will do a post on that in the future. These brows are grown out, groomed up, and totally glamorous. Easy to maintain, and easy to "style". Using a clear brow gel to groom and a shade of eyeshadow or pencil half a shade darker than your hair will give you the depth and drama from this trend. But please please use a light hand!!! There's nothing worse than an eyebrow that you can swipe off of someone's face. 


3. Dewy skin or "strobing" 

The polar opposite of contouring. Gleaming cheekbones and clean fresh skin. Very little powder but lots of shine. Strategically placed for maximum impact. I feel like a MAC Cosmetics sound bite!! They were the originators of strobing, and they have some awesome products to help you achieve this look. If using liquid hilightera kinda freak you out, try a light fleshy shimmery eyeshadow and sweep it across the top of your cheekbones, down your nose, and atop the Cupid's bow. So pretty!!! 


4. Deep dark lips

Real life colours though. Wine, plum, burgundy. If you are braver enough to wear black, by all means!! Kinda scared me a bit.  

Make sure your lipstick and liner are close enough that you can fill your entire lip with pencil. It helps with bleeding and wear immensely. Later one veil of lipstick and blot with a tissue, then another veil. Try not to heap it on! Let the product do its' work. 

This trend plus dewy strobed skin = love!!! 


5. Black eyeliner.  

Surround your eye with clean lines of black kohl. Use an angled or pencil brush to slightly smudge and there ya go. Perfect for work, going for drinks, or weekend errands. Paired with volumizing mascara, this look brings to mind retro punk but cleaned up for the modern sophisticate.  Focus a little bit more on the lower lash line for extra drama. This trend ties in with the smokey eye trend mentioned earlier. It's an excellent start for any eye makeup application. 



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I have had a great response to the inspirations post so I thought I would do a more in-depth tutorial on how to achieve this eye makeup look!!

smoky winged eye makeup

So what I did first was apply my foundation, concealer, eyebrows, and eyeshadow base. I am in love with Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion!! That stuff sticks like glue!! 

The base of an awesome eye makeup: Good foundation!!

Next I try to line up where I want my line to go. I imagine (or you could use a card or tape) a line from the outer edge of my eye up towards my eyebrow. See the below image

Imaginary lines

Then I take a soft black eyeshadow and using an angled brush, drag that shadow along my imaginary line. I then blend using the same brush inwards to about the edge of my iris.

black shadow added

MAC pigments are a great compliment to a smoky winged look. They give awesome shimmer and can help you to blend in your black shadow. I used a champagne coloured pigment for this look. Applied with my fingers over the edge of the black shadow.

Now comes the liquid liner!! IMPORTANT - make sure you have a steady hand, or are willing to invest at least five solid uninterrupted minutes. I take my liquid liner seriously and hope you do too!! It makes a difference, trust me! Another route is to make a pool of the liner on the back of your hand and dip into it using an eyeliner brush. This is my preferred method. 

What you are looking to do is sharpen the wing on the outer edge, and connect the wing to the bottom lid. See below

liquid liner applied

Ideally what you want to see is the liquid liner blending into the black eyeshadow. Stamping on some black shadow to blend the two is my secret little trick. 

 Close up of smokey eye look.  

Close up of smokey eye look.  

Mascara finishes off the blackness surrounding the eye. It is very important to get the mascara as close to the root of your lashes as possible. It makes the look seamless and frames the eye beautifully. 

Close up of smokey winged eye liner

 Mascara finishes it off 

Mascara finishes it off 

False lashes at this point would make this look stunning. My kids came into the room as I was about to apply so we didn't get that far!!


Any questions? Comments? Leave them below! I'd love to hear what your secret tips are!!