This bride's skin is just flawless, and she mentioned that she had a hard time finding a foundation colour to match. At moments like these, I adore my Cinema Secrets palette! Mixing foundation shades is such a great way to customize for your client. Using MAC Strobe liquid as a mixing medium allowed for a smooth finish, and the coverage was amazing. This bride doesn't wear a lot of make up: and her request was that her eyes pop, but without a lot of shadow. I used a soft peach shade in her crease to bring out the blue, and just highlighted the inner corners.

Her cheekbones and lips are stunning: really this lady is just gorgeous without any make up!! We agreed that with such a soft eye, we needed shades on the cheek and lip that would compliment her skin and eyes. MAC Fanfare was her shade, a favourite among brides. Individual lashes were the final touch that just pumped up the eye make up.

*all images courtesy of Scarlet O'Neill.