So everyone has seen fashion weeks' offerings months ago, but I thought a recap would help keep us in a fresh and springy place. Especially with all the snow melting, these trends are sure to make you feel a little something in your step! Now, mind you, some of these "trends" are hot off the runway. English: don't copy it exactly. Try to take an element or two from the trends and incorporate into your style.  


 1. Black cat eyeliner  

One of my most favourite eye looks. Anybody can pull this one off and it seems that each season it returns in some incarnation. This spring look for bold strikes, long wings, and blacker than black lines.  Make sure to use a gel or a pen-type eyeliner to ensure clean, crisp lines and blacker than black wings.


2. Graphic eyeliner  

Now this look isn't for the faint of heart. On runways, laser cut pieces of leather and felt were glued to the lash line to create a neon floating effect. 

Real life version?? Try using a white eyeliner on top of your lash line for some extra pop. You could even layer a fave shadow colour on top if you're feeling adventurous!! 


3. Coffee smoke  

Yup. Two things some people can't live without. But on the eyes it sensual and romantic. Perfect for an evening wedding or for date night.  

Wrap the eye in gorgeous shades of mocha, espresso and coffee with a fluffy blending brush to achieve this softly gorgeous look. Use a rich dark brown to tight line the eyes for some extra drama.  It almost has a Twiggy feel to it no?



 4. Barely there....or is it?  

The deceiving "natural" makeup. This specific photo I love because it's not only very pretty, but it showcases the models features brilliantly. And the pink is lovely for weddings too. Minimal shading on the eyes, soft contouring of the cheeks and individual lashes are key for this look. But it's a full face of makeup!


 5. Bold lips 

Again, one of those trends that resurfaces year after year. It's nice to see something different this time around. The bright oranges and deep berry tones remind me of lush fruit. Grab a vivid shade of lipstick and stipple it on the lips for an every day version - you'll get longer wear too! 

Keep the rest of your makeup sleek and natural. A flash of soft liner and mascara are a great way to perfect this look.  


 6. Purple shadow 

We are seeing such beautiful softness this year with makeup and hairstyles too and the purple shadow trend encompasses this. There is a range from bright pastel to deep eggplant smokiness but the key is softness. Blending all the way around the eye and fading the shadow out into the skin with those amazing fluffy brushes will let you get this look.  

Cheeks and lips are soft and let the eyes speak in this trend. Now let's not all go bananas and buy up all the purple shadow on the planet. There is probably one hiding in the back of your makeup bin waiting for some love. Give it a wipe and try this trend out!