I have had a great response to the inspirations post so I thought I would do a more in-depth tutorial on how to achieve this eye makeup look!!

smoky winged eye makeup

So what I did first was apply my foundation, concealer, eyebrows, and eyeshadow base. I am in love with Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion!! That stuff sticks like glue!! 

The base of an awesome eye makeup: Good foundation!!

Next I try to line up where I want my line to go. I imagine (or you could use a card or tape) a line from the outer edge of my eye up towards my eyebrow. See the below image

Imaginary lines

Then I take a soft black eyeshadow and using an angled brush, drag that shadow along my imaginary line. I then blend using the same brush inwards to about the edge of my iris.

black shadow added

MAC pigments are a great compliment to a smoky winged look. They give awesome shimmer and can help you to blend in your black shadow. I used a champagne coloured pigment for this look. Applied with my fingers over the edge of the black shadow.

Now comes the liquid liner!! IMPORTANT - make sure you have a steady hand, or are willing to invest at least five solid uninterrupted minutes. I take my liquid liner seriously and hope you do too!! It makes a difference, trust me! Another route is to make a pool of the liner on the back of your hand and dip into it using an eyeliner brush. This is my preferred method. 

What you are looking to do is sharpen the wing on the outer edge, and connect the wing to the bottom lid. See below

liquid liner applied

Ideally what you want to see is the liquid liner blending into the black eyeshadow. Stamping on some black shadow to blend the two is my secret little trick. 

 Close up of smokey eye look.  

Close up of smokey eye look.  

Mascara finishes off the blackness surrounding the eye. It is very important to get the mascara as close to the root of your lashes as possible. It makes the look seamless and frames the eye beautifully. 

Close up of smokey winged eye liner

 Mascara finishes it off 

Mascara finishes it off 

False lashes at this point would make this look stunning. My kids came into the room as I was about to apply so we didn't get that far!!


Any questions? Comments? Leave them below! I'd love to hear what your secret tips are!!